Why Black Out Media?

I had been trying to think of a name for a freelance production company for the longest time, but I couldn’t find anything catchy using my last name. Then it hit me, my last name (Schwarz) in German, means black. Hence the name, Black Out Media.

How did you get into photography?

I got into Film and Photography on various backpacking trips. For photography, I vividly remember sitting on the beach of a back-country lake in Yosemite. The water was completely still, as it was still early in the morning, and the wind hadn’t picked up yet. I used my Iphone 6 to take a panorama of the lake, and instantly I was hooked. From there I picked up my moms old D80 and began learning the basics of photography.

About 6 months later, on a trip to the Trinity Alps with 5 of my best friends, I decided to switch my camera over into video mode and capture the more raw moments. I got home and used the Premiere Pro 1 week free trial to edit my first ever video, Brocation 2017. It was nothing special, but being able to relive moments through film hooked me immediately.

What gear do you use?

My daily driver is the Sony A7iii with an Sony 85 1.8 and a Rokinon 35 1.4 AF. This camera does everything I need and more. From the 120 fps to the high ISO performance, this camera has handled everything I have thrown at it. My drone of choice is the DJI Mavic Air. For video, I stabilize my footage with the all new DJI Ronin SC. It keeps my footage silky smooth while still not straining my back after a long day shooting. Finally. for editing, I use the Razer Blade 15, with a GTX 2070, 1 TB SSD, 32 GB Ram, and a 9th Gen Intel i7 processor.

I edit in the Adobe Suite, and I use both Story Blocks, and Epidemic Sound for my extra media needs.